Bitcoin Investment Consultation

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Bitcoin Investment Consultation


  •  Mode of operation of Cryptocurrency and block chain technology
  • Advantages and fields of application for Cryptocurrency
  • Opportunities and risks of Bitcoin as an investment
  • Use of Cryptocurrency as a means of payment in an enterprise,
    salesroom or online shop and opportunities and risks allied with it.
  • Bitcoin compared to national currencies and other cashless payment methods
  • Bitcoin as part of international payment transactions and Security measures to be taken.
  • Mining of various Cryptocurrencies.


We realize that learning about the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can take a bit of effort, its one of the reasons we have started cryptocurrency consultation. whether it’s as simple as buying and storing cryptocurrencies or learning how to trade or invest in this highly volatile market, we can consult you or your company on taking the first step into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Having purchased our first Bitcoin at around $50USD in 2013, Our company has knowledge about analyzing different types of cryptocurrencies and choosing the right one to invest in or trade. We start off by asking our clients 10- 12 questions about their trading background so that we can establish their set risk appetite and know exactly what their goals are whether its a quick profit or a long term holding strategy to maximize ROI.

If the consultation is about how your company can get started with blockchain technology or how your company can maximize profits from accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, BitOne capital has experienced developers who can assist you in getting started. The consultation will also provide a pdf with all the neccessary resources you or your business will need to get started.