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About Us

Our Company Story

BitOne Capital is a leading Bitcoin investment and consulting firm based in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Our firm focuses primarily on Bitcoin, and we have been investing in the digital currency since 2013. As with all leading investment firms, it takes time to understand the cryptocurrency market. We took the time to understand the market as the crypto markets rely heavily on sentiment and news.

We spent countless hours learning and strategizing how to invest in a new and highly volatile market. Our hours of learning, research, and strategizing made it possible to create a company whose primary focus is to help people understand what Bitcoin is, how to use it securely, and how to invest in it. The latest news helps determine bitcoins price; hence, we cover the latest market news and give our readers real-time prices. 

BitOne Capital creates the perfect environment for you to start your journey into investing in Bitcoin. The resources from our knowledge base gives you the necessary insight. We develop personalized investment strategies for each client using their risk appetite as guidance. 

A message from our CEO

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has revolutionized the financial world. Investment and wealth distribution used to be restricted to the elite top, but thanks to the advent of Bitcoin, the average person has a chance to make money from the financial markets. In 2017 Bitcoin made many million/billionaires, and it did the same thing in 2020. The fact that Bitcoin rallied by nearly 400% during a pandemic year shows how valuable this asset is. Most people turned away from Bitcoin when it rallied to $20,000 in 2017 and missed out on the current rally.

In my years in the market, I learned that knowledge of a particular asset is key to investing confidently in the said asset. I am very passionate about Bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t just an expensive digital asset, it is a currency. An escape from economic slavery. No governments, no centralized authority, no paying an institution to hold your money. Be your own bank…. Join the revolution.
–Challee Smith, C.E.O of BitOne Capital