There are various reasons to invest in Bitcoin. They include;

Prices will increase

Bitcoin is a new asset class that is increasingly becoming an alternative to gold. As more institutional investors enter the market, Bitcoin is fast gaining ground and its price has been increasing in recent months. Most analysts believe Bitcoin’s price still has a long way to go before catching up to gold in terms of market value. Hence, the market has a massive room for growth.


Bitcoin has emerged as a strong asset class and investing in it will allow you to diversify your portfolio. Although it is highly volatile, Bitcoin gives you the option of having a high-reward asset on your portfolio and that increases your chances of earning profits in the short and long-term.

Increasing adoption

Bitcoin’s rise is fueled by increasing adoption. An increasing number of companies and merchants are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment as they recognize the potential of the cryptocurrency. With more adoption comes more usage and this impacts the price.

Wall Street is entering crypto

Wall Street was hesitant about this asset class but that was in the past. Several investment banks, hedge funds, and funds managers are allocating a sizable portion of their portfolio to Bitcoin. Their entry means the market will continue to rise and remain relevant for decades to come.